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Urgency is almost a state of being in this industry. Many workplaces value urgency. The perception is one of action. A focus on doing. While taking action is important, urgency often results in doing without consideration.

Urgency takes us out of the moment. When we are urgent our attention is rarely on this moment. It is either on that which has passed, or focused in the future. Rarely here and now. That means we can miss important feedback that might be indicating challenges ahead. We can miss that signal indicating a slight course correction is required. That creates unexpected results and more urgency.

 It is far more helpful to make decisions and execute with a clear calm assurance, listening intently for feedback and then calmly making appropriate course corrections to avoid pitfalls along the way.

We often hear urgency mentioned when delivering service to customers. Take some time to ponder that for yourself. When you are a customer, how much confidence does it build within you, when those serving you are in urgency? How do you experience that situation when those delivering service are operating with calm assurance, confidently and calmly delivering service?

I challenge you to also examine your ways. When do you drop into urgency? How does that feel to you? What is your experience? If you haven't noticed, I encourage you to do so. Examine the difference. What's your experience? How do you perceive the experience of others?

We are all focused on delivering as accurately and as quickly as we can. Maybe, just maybe, the experience for all is far more preferable in calm assurance rather than urgency.

Authentically Towards Success

We live in a world where it is far too easy and far too acceptable to compromise values, principles and ethics in the race to success. Whether in the pursuit of personal or professional goals, or in leading organisations, authenticity provides the opportunity to heighten self-awareness, become clear on vision and objectives and enhance the self determination required to hold steady in the face of opposition.

Authentically Towards Success exists to challenge, support and encourage individuals, leaders, teams and organisations to instill authenticity as a fundamental tenant of success. How we achieve is just as important as what we achieve!