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Authenticity requires more then a weekend workshop. Every individual, team and business treads a unique path. However there are many tools to leverage along the way. As we work with you, your team, or your business, we focus on awareness. Through greater awareness we build understanding of conscious and unconscious acts, behaviours, thoughts, assumptions, inferences, interpretations and conclusions. We utilise the latest coaching, mentoring and facilitation techniques, in addition to critical thinking to bring about personal and professional transformation. 

personal professional transformationOur coaching and mentoring packages allow progressive Individuals to undertake transformation with the assistance of a qualified coach and mentor. Whether you want someone to walk along side throughout the transformation journey, or prefer one of our packages to guide, focus or enhance you professionally along the way, we have the tools and the expertise to get you moving.





authentic teams

All Teams cycle through the various stages of team development. This can be driven at the initial formation, through an event, such as team members joining or leaving the team, or through external events, like organisational change, business transformation, or shifts in external customer requirements. These can all have an impact on team performance and harmony. Understanding and accepting change as a constant can accelerate teams through the initial stages of team development. Sometimes an external ignition point is required to light the flame that empowers team success. Throught the application of facilitation, coaching, mentoring, and many supporting tools, we can be that external ignition point to help your team to achieve authentic success.



business strategy transformationBusinesses of all sizes need a clear sense of purpose to drive business success. Irrespective of whether you are deep in start-up, juggling the demands of small business, or running a large company, without clear purpose and every one within the business pulling in the same direction, valuable time, resources and ultimate business success can easily be lost. Utilising the latest academic research and years of experience, we work with business owners to understand and set vision, purpose, values, objectives and strategies. We then collaborate to bring these essential elements into a sustainable business culture that has everyone moving in the same direction and empowers all team members to make consistent choices. As we know, the majority of strategic decisions are not made on weekend retreats. They are made in the heat of battle. Having these core business elements in place ensures you and your team understand the impact of a decision as it is made, not at some later date when the consequences are set. 

Authentically Towards Success

We live in a world where it is far too easy and far too acceptable to compromise values, principles and ethics in the race to success. Whether in the pursuit of personal or professional goals, or in leading organisations, authenticity provides the opportunity to heighten self-awareness, become clear on vision and objectives and enhance the self determination required to hold steady in the face of opposition.

Authentically Towards Success exists to challenge, support and encourage individuals, leaders, teams and organisations to instill authenticity as a fundamental tenant of success. How we achieve is just as important as what we achieve!